Six months ago my father passed away. Our relationship was complicated, however I found myself romanticizing his memory out of grief. As I realized this, I started considering how time and emotion can influence memory. I began writing six minute journal entries about my father, and read them months later to see how the mind can forget or over-exaggerate specific details based on one’s emotional state. In this piece, I used functional materials such as washi paper and plexiglass to distort the text of one of my journal entries. I want the audience to see the overall effect of time on memory from the front of the work, but also able to look between each layer and see the process of how the text has slowly been altered. I placed this piece in a traditional Japanese home, designed for function and simplicity, to contrast how distorted and complex our memories can become.

On display at Shikoku Mura for the Setouchi Triennial 2019 August 20-November 4.

Translation by: Minami Kobayashi

Calligraphy by: Shu Yan

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